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Discover the Secret to Consistent Motivation
Transform Your Life
Have You Lost Motivation in the Past
and Not Sure Why?

Does Life Create Distractions that
Destroys Your Consistency?

Have You Failed to Achieve a Goal
Leaving You Frustrated and Lost?
I am looking to create stories of amazing transformation
Could That Be YOU?

Hi, my name is Lance Bozek.

As a kid I remember hearing the statistic that we only use 10 - 20% of our brain capacity. I wondered what would be possible if we could increase that number. With youthful naivete I believed that anything was possible. I think most children are that way.

But somewhere along the way, like most people, I lost that belief. Life experience often teaches us that anything is NOT possible and there are indeed limitations.

I continued having those limiting beliefs until I ran my first marathon in the fall of 2007...

It was one of those amazing life experiences that was such an AH-HA moment that it changed my view of the world and opened my eyes to the limitless potential that is available to all of us.

To make a long story much shorter, after 4 months of training I developed shin splints. A month before the race it was painful to walk, let alone run 26.2 miles. As race day approached I had been able to reduce the soreness a little, but I had run very little for a month so I had no idea if I had the fitness necessary to complete the run and if so how much pain would I be in.

As a student of many self help books I knew that visualization was one technique that was very effective. It just so happened that I had about 30 mins before the race to relax. So I spent that time creating a vision of crossing the finish line including the wave of emotion that I would feel in overcoming the obstacles and accomplishing that feat.

When the race started that was my single thought. For 4 hours and 32 mins that vision filled my mind. And sure enough I crossed the finish line with relative ease I must add. It was an exhilarating experience that still brings chills when I think about it.

It is not a lack of effort that causes us to lose motivation
it is lack of clarity

  • Create Rock Solid Motivation
  • Stay Consistent
  • Define Crystal Clear Vision
  • Develop Micro-Action Plan
  • Maximize Group Synergy
  • Build Momentum Exponentially
  • Celebrate Our Success
...You were able to make me see the light so to speak by presenting my situation to me in a way that I did not see it before. You opened my eyes to the side of the other person and not just myself.
...the one on one conversations I have had with Lance always seem to keep me clear and focused on my end goals. I always leave him feeling knowledgeable, confident, and clear on my action plans for that week. With his guidance he has significantly impacted my business and personal growth. Lance is a rare individual that can listen to your situation, identify the underline theme of the problem, and tackles it head on with suggestions and questions. I highly recommend Lance and his program to anyone who is serious about growing their personal and/or business life!
Lance has helped me find answers in many different situations I've encountered within this past year. He's an effective listener that usually asks questions that help guide me to the answer that makes most sense. When he makes suggestions they are incredibly helpful and effective, however he's never pushy. I always gain a new perspective from our sit downs which helps motivate me to take the next necessary step

Discover the principles of motivation, clarity and vision with plenty of opportunity for Q&A

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  • Enjoy Life More
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